How can I access my cPanel Login Page?

        - You can access your cPanel in 3 different ways:

        * Method 1: Direct from your Client Portal in
             ---> At first, login to your client account using your email address and password
Browse to and login using your email id and password
           ---> You will be redirected to your Home Page where you can see your hosting products.  Then go to the Product Detail page:

                                                        Home->Services->Click on Product Name (e.g. Humming 500 MB***)

           ---> On the Left Sidebar, click on the Login to cPanel and you will be logged in to your cPanel.
On the product details page, click on 'Login to cPanel' in the Left Sidebar
*Method 2: Access cPanel through your browser address bar: 

         ---> Visit one of the following URLs to get to your cPanel login- or nce your dmain is propagated

Note:- Replace the term '' with your actual domain name.

Finally Type in your cPanel username and password and log into the cPanel.

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